About Doc Ellis
The "Hick Doctor"

Doc Ellis

The year was 2013 and the place, a Federal Workers' Compensation chat room, where an injured federal employee from Washington DC was complaining that he could not find a doctor or clinic that would accept Federal Work Compensation patients. The others in the chat room adamantly recommended that he go see John W. Ellis, M.D., and his Ellis Clinic in Oklahoma. Slightly annoyed, he asked: "Why do I have to see a Hick Doctor in Oklahoma?" Despite the many reasons provided, the gentleman persisted and the following week, the injured employee still had not found a doctor. He then asked, "What about the East Coast? I will go to New York!" Again, more resounding advice. "You have to see Doc Ellis!" the others told him. Another week goes by, and he is back in the chat room. "At least East of the damn Mississippi!"

Long story short, he finally made the trip to Oklahoma to see the "Hick Doctor". Then, with his Office of Workers' Compensation Programs forms all correct, his FECA injury claim was accepted, and his Temporary Total Disability started at 75% of salary, tax free, plus his back pay was paid and he kept his job.

Suddenly, he had become a self-appointed cheerleader for the "Hick Doctor Ellis" sharing his experience with others in need.

Doc Ellis decided he liked the "Hick Doctor" moniker and adopted the nickname. Later that year, Doc Ellis put a map of the United States on the wall in the Legal Medicine division of Ellis Clinic and started placing pins to indicate the location from which the patient had traveled from to see the "Hick Doctor". This map has since become an amazing therapeutic aid, showing the patient; "I am not alone, I am not the only one experiencing problems getting an OWCP claim accepted".

Today, Ellis Clinic has patients that have traveled from every state in the nation and from six different countries (Afghanistan, Germany, Guam, Iraq, Quatar and the United Kingdom).

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