Federal Workers' Compensation
FERS Federal Employee Retirement System

  • U.S. Department of Labor 
  • FECA - Federal Employees Compensation Act 
  • OWCP - Office of Workers' Compensation Programs 
  • FERS & CSRS - Office of Personnel Management 
  • Ellis Clinic welcomes federal employees. We treat with love, compassion and expertise. We assist you in getting your injury claims accepted and treated, completion of forms, fair Schedule Award disability ratings and assistance and defense of abuse.

    Medical Examinations, Reports, Forms & Treatment

    Scheduled Awards / Permanent Impairment Ratings

    Fair and accurate schedule awards performed in accordance with the strict and complicated Federal requirements and the American Medical Association's Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment, 6th Edition.

    Want to know how much your schedule award would be worth?

    Causation Reports

    Claim Forms CA-1, CA-2, CA-2a, Expert Medical Opinion, Medical Rationale Reports and forms to get your claims accepted, reopened or upgraded to additional conditions.

    Work Restrictions and Temporary Total Disability (TTD)

    Medical rationale reports and forms (CA-17, OWCP-5c, etc) to get your work restrictions and Temporary Total Disability checks while you are off work. You cannot get well, if you cannot buy food or pay the rent!


    It is important to choose your primary treating doctor that understands OWCP regulations. Your primary doctor's reports have higher legal value for matters such as, work restrictions and returning to work. Ellis Clinic will work closely with your other treating physicians and provide the Legal Medicine reports and forms to keep your claims from being mishandled. It is your legal right to choose your doctor.

    Cost Is Usually Free!

    For conditions accepted by OWCP, we can usually get pre-approval for your office visits, reports and even Schedule Award exam and ratings. If you need a medical rationale report to get a claim accepted there is a $500 fee that can be refunded if your claim is accepted.

    An Apology For Doctors Not Understanding Federal Workers' Compensation

    As a Professor of Legal Medicine, I teach doctors, lawyers and advocates all over the nation. Many physicians and attorneys are reluctant to become involved in Federal Workers' Compensation. Many doctors and lawyers have told me, "I did one Fed Work Comp and I will never do another!" This reluctance is due to the lack of Legal Medicine training in medical and law schools and doctor's office staff not being trained on how to be reimbursed in Federal Workers' Compensation.

    Bias Against Injured Workers

    In addition to the complexities of Federal Workers' Compensation, there is a subconscious bias against people who are injured and find themselves having to file an injury claim. However, numerous medical studies show that the majority of injured workers are very legitimate. Many are reluctant to complain because they do not want to be thought of as malingering or asking for more than they deserve. This bias and antagonism against injured workers causes changes in the brain and retards healing. Ellis Clinic treats each injured employee with fairness, objectivity and compassion. We want to help.

    God Bless,

    John W. Ellis, M.D.
    Medical Director

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